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How to rent a car with Rent Connected

Compare car rentals from many car retal companies

Searh a car rental

How to rent a car via Rent Connected

Search for car rental from

Select pick up and drop off location

1. Type Locations to pick up and drop off a rental car
(System will default the drop off location to be same as pick up location. You can change to return in different location).

2. Select the date and time you need to rent.

Click Search

Filter for car rental

Filter Section
1. You can filter the search result by clicking insurance options to be Full Insurance -- this is to cover in case you are at the fault of the accident.
Normal insurance is the first class insurance with excess fee in case you are at the fault of the accident.

2. You can filter the search result by clicking deposit option to be cash for deposit (in case you do not have a credit card to make a deposit).

3. You can filter the search result by selecting the car type you need such as SUV car.

Select the car model and car rental companies

System will show the price from low to high
Price includes Vat or Tax already
No surprised charges

Choose car model for rent
Car Rental summary

System will show the details of the price

See the reviews from previous customers
with available accessories you can add
including the important information such as deposit amount and excess fees, minimum age requirement and other related terms and conditions from such selected car companies.

Booking Information

You can add accessories such as car seats and additional insurances.
Fill in the promotion code (if any)
Book for other
Request for tax receipt for car rental
Additional infos such as flight number for the convenience when getting a car

System will summarise all the price you need to pay now and the deposit amount when pick up the car

ช่องทางการชำระเงิน รถเช่า

Payment Methods

You can pay by Visa/Master Card/JCB
AMEX (American Express)
Rabbit LINE Pay
Monthly installment
upto 10 months for KTC cards only
Redeem the points to get discount up to 40% for KTC cards only

Booking Voucher will be sent to your email provided earlier


Why Rent a car with Rent Connected?


Picking up a car and droping off in different location is possible 

You can rent a car by getting from one place and return to another place with no minimum rental days. There is no drop off fee if renting for at least 3 days for some car rental companies. For example, you can pick up from Bangkok and drive and return at Chiang Mai or getting a car from Phuket and drive to return in Bangkok. You can design the possible route from


Get free travel insurance!

When booking a car rental with Rent Connected, you can apply to get the free travel insurance during the trip from Tipinsure. The travel insurance covers you even you are not driving a car rental.
📌 Cover loss of life or permanent disability in case the accident up to 100,000 THB 
📌 Cover medical Expenses from Accidents (Per Accident) up to 10,000 THB
📌 Cover emergency medical evacuation up to 50,000 THB


Monthly installment for 0% interest up to 10 months 

You can do monthly installment for 0% interest up to 10 months for KTC cards or you can redeem the points to get the discount up to 40% from the rental price.


Service more than 30 airports in Thailand

Rent Connected services car rental more than 30 airports in Thailand. You can get a car from the counter in the airports or have a car delivered to your place.