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A Van Service to Central Village — Bangkok Luxury Outlet

If you are looking for a van service in Bangkok, we provide all kinds of van services like one way transfer, one day trip with driver (No guide) or even the whole trip for several days. The van can carry…

Quotation for car rental with driver

Rent Connected offers a Quotation for car rental with driverIf you are looking for a Van rental with driver or Van transfer, click here If you are looking for a minibus, microbus, VIP bus with driver, Bus transfer, click here….

Driving car hire in Thailand

Driving car hire in Thailand. Renting a car is a great way to explore the Kingdom of Thailand, especially if you’re not staying in Bangkok as there are other transportations to choose from. However, it’s always convenient to drive around…

Booking Car Rentals in Thailand [City or Airport]

Booking car rentals in Thailand? compares different car rental companies over 40 companies in Thailand and provides the best price for you. You can book the rental cars easily from our website, Android and iOS app. It is very easy. …