What to Do in the School Break between March and April in Thailand

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The school break between March and April is an exciting time for Thai students. It is a time to relax, have fun and explore new places. With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide what to do. The good news is that Thailand has a wide range of activities and destinations to keep students entertained during this break.

Visit Historical Sites

One of the best things to do during the school break is to visit historical sites. Thailand has a rich history, and there are many historical sites that students can visit to learn about the country’s past. Some of the most popular historical sites in Thailand include the temples of Ayutthaya, the ancient city of Sukhothai, and the ruins of the Khmer Empire at Phimai. These sites offer a glimpse into Thailand’s past and provide an opportunity to learn about the country’s culture and traditions.

Explore National Parks

Another great way to spend the school break is to explore Thailand’s national parks. Thailand has many beautiful national parks that are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or just enjoying nature. Khao Yai National Park, for example, is a popular destination for nature lovers. It offers a range of activities such as hiking, wildlife watching and waterfall visits. Doi Inthanon National Park is another popular destination, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains.


Volunteering is another excellent way to spend the school break. Students can volunteer at local organizations, such as animal shelters or orphanages, to make a difference in their communities. Volunteering provides an opportunity to give back, learn new skills and make new friends. It is a rewarding experience that can help students develop a sense of empathy and compassion.


The school break between March and April is a time for Thai students to recharge and have fun. Whether it’s visiting historical sites, exploring national parks or volunteering, there are plenty of activities to keep students entertained during this break. By taking advantage of the many opportunities available in Thailand, students can make the most of their school break and create lasting memories.

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