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The list of best places to visit in nakhon si thammarat Thailand

Khanom Beach

Khanom Beach

Suan Ta San Fish Spa

Suan Ta San Fish Spa

“Khanom Beach” Khanom feels like a rural village dotted with numerous rubber and mangosteen plantations. It’s also framed by a dozen pristine beaches lapped with clear turquoise waters. Throw in some caves, waterfalls, mountains, jungle-shrouded trails and teeming wildlife, and a trip to Khanom is quite an adventure There are only 2,000 pink dolphins left in the world and Khanom is home to 60 of them. While sightings of pink dolphins in Khanom are considered rare, we couldn’t help but try our luck. Setting off early in the morning, we drove to Nang Kam Beach, which is said to be the hotspot for spotting pink dolphins. The pristine beach with vibrant, colourful fishing boats bobbing on the calm sea was a visually appealing sight. From the pier, we hopped on a long-tailed boat and set off with hopes of spotting the adorable pink dolphins.

“Suan Ta San Fish Spa” Suan Ta San Fish Spa was jam-packed when we arrived. Kids were happily swinging across ropes into the waters, having a splashing good time while the grown-ups were resting their feet in the fish spa area along the stream flowing from Cho Waterfall. We removed our footwear and dipped our feet in. The fish spa, also known as fish pedicure, functions to remove dead skin from your feet, leaving behind a layer of newer skin. Some of us within the group enjoyed the sensations, while the rest found the nibbling too ticklish or slightly prickly. Do take note that some fish may be host to bacteria which can be transmitted to your body, so try this activity at your own risk.

Car Rental Companies in nakhon si thammarat Rent Connected combines car rentals from different car rental companies ranging from eco-cars, small cars, medium cars, large cars, luxury cars, pickup trucks, SUV cars, premium cars, van and even van with a driver. We make it easier for you to book car rentals from the leading car rental companies in Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport (NST) such as Thai Rent A Car, Hertz, Thrifty and Budget Car and Truck Rental as well as local car companies like Gateway Car Rent and Carpluz

Pick Up location for car rental at Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport

Apart from pick up location for car rental at Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport, there are other locations such as rail way train station, Bus station, Robinson Nakhon Si Thammarat etc.


What are the requirements of renting a car in Thailand?
1. Passports
2. International Driving License or Driving license translated in English
3. Credit Cards for the deposit when getting a car. If local car companies, cash is acceptable. please see terms and conditions before the booking
4. In some cases, for local companies, air ticket is needed to show when getting a car.
5. In some cases, if you do not have a credit card, some car rental companies allowed to use the debit card as a deposit. you can consult with our customer services prior to the booking process.
What is the excess fee?
Excess Fee is the maximum fee the renter pays in case the Driver is at fault for the accident or accident happened without any parties. If the renter is not at fault, the first class insurance usually covers the accident.
you can buy additional insurance to cover the excesss fee when picking up the car at the airport to eliminate the excess fees

Some of the locar car companies do not have the the additional insurance to add on. Please make sure to check before getting the car.
What is CDW, LDW, SCDW and ECDW?
You may wonder what are CDW, LDW, SCDW and ECDW.

CDW and LDW is the insurance with excess fees. CDW stands for Collision Damage Waiver and LDW stands for Loss Damage Waiver.
The renter only pays for excess fees only if you are at fault when there is an accident. Please read more at terms and conditions before the booking.

SCDW and ECDW is the insurance without excess fees. SCDW stands for Super Collision Damage Waiver and ECDW Extra Collision Damage Waiver.
The renter will not need to pay anything if there is an accident and even if you are at the fault.
Which type of car rental suits your needs to drive in Nakhon Si Thammarat?
If you would like to drive around in Nakhon Si Thammarat, most customers would want cars with high power engine like 1.6 CC such as Altis or Civic or Fortuner. It depends on your needs and number of passengers as well. Some customers would want eco-cars which save you the money for the gasolines.
Where can we drop off the car if we rent from Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport?
you can drop off cars in different locations, not necessary to be the same location. Some car rental companies may have drop off fees if renting period is not up to their terms and conditions.
Want to consult with us regarding car rental or car rental with driver?
If you would like to ask more regarding the car rental or car rental with driver, call us +6680-549-5491 or add Line ID @rentconnected Or email us at at any time.
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