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The list of best places to visit in Wakayama Japan

Kumano Kodo Wakayama

Kumano Kodo Wakayama, Japan

Kumano Kodo Wakayama

Kumano Kodo Wakayama, Japan

“Kumano Kodo Wakayama” For over 1000 years people from all levels of society, including retired emperors and aristocrats, have made the arduous pilgrimage to Kumano. These pilgrims used a network of routes, now called the Kumano Kodo, which stretched across the mountainous Kii Peninsula. The walk itself was an integral part of the pilgrimage process as they undertook rigorous religious rites of worship and purification. Walking the ancient Kumano Kodo is a fantastic way to experience the unique cultural landscape of Kumano's spiritual countryside. In July 2004, the Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes were registered as UNESCO World Heritage as part of the "Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range" property.


Wakayama is a city in Japan’s Kansai region. Overlooking the city, central Wakayama Castle has an original moat and stone wall. Nearby, the Museum of Modern Art displays Japanese prints, paintings and sculptures, as well as European works. To the south, Kimii-dera Temple is known for springtime cherry blossoms and views of Wakanoura Bay. Porto Europa is a theme park designed to resemble Mediterranean harbor towns.

Car Rental Companies in Wakayama Japan

We are the gateway to your aspirations. If you would like to rent a car in Wakayama Airport, Japan with Rent Connected combines car rentals from different car rental companies ranging from eco-cars, small cars, medium cars, large cars, luxury cars, SUV cars, premium cars. We make it easier for you to book car rentals from the leading car rental companies in Wakayama Airport such as Nippon Rent A Car.


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What are the requirements of renting a car in Japan?
1. A Passport
2. International Driving License (IDP)
3. Credit Cards for the deposit when getting a car
Can I reserve a car rental for someone else in Japan?
Yes you can. when reserving a car rental in Japan like renting in Osaka, Narita and Fukuoka, please fill in the other people's information in the "Book for someone else" section.
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