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The list of best places to visit in Khon Kaen Thailand

Phu  Wiang Dinosaur Museum

Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum

KhonKaen Zoo

KhonKaen Zoo

“Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum” Since the first dinosaur fossil was found by Mr.Sudham Yaemniyom, exgeologist of DMR, dinosaur fossil exploration at Phu Wiang has seriously commenced. In B.E. 2524 (1981) Mr.Choengchai Krikong, a DMR geologist, led a Thai-French fossil exploration group to investigate other dinosaur fossils in the vicinity of the peak of Pratoo Teema mountain, Amphoe Phu Wiang, Changwat Khonkaen. The group identified the fossils as huge herbivorous dinosaur bones, alligator teeth, tortoise shells and teeth and scale of ancient fish. This bring to consequence discoveries of various kinds of dinosaur bones.

“KhonKaen Zoo” KhonKaen Zoo is located in KhonKaen, KhonKaen province, 50 km away from the town and 70 km from Udonthani. Khon.On 3338 acres oflandscaped area in the wildlife park.The zoo provide a natural classroom to build awareness a part of its youth for protection wildlife and plants. The animal exhibits, divided into different parts, such as deer, barking deer, sambar deer, numerous White Lion, white tiger,urangutang, tiger, camel and white rhinoceros.

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Monthly Car Rental Companies in Khon KaenCity

Interesting places to see in Khon Kaen Rent Connected combines monthly car rentals from different car rental companies ranging from eco-cars, small cars, medium cars, large cars, pickup trucks, SUV cars, van. We make it easier for you to book monthly car rentals from the leading car rental companies in Khon Kaen Airport (KKC) such as Thai Rent A Car, Avis Thailand, Sixt Rent A Car, Chic Car Rent, Hertz, Thrifty, Bizcar and Budget Car and Truck Rental as well as local car companies likeJ.U.I. Car for rent

Pick Up location for car rental at Khon Kaen Airport

Apart from pick up location for car rental at Khon Kaen Airport, there are other locations such as rail way train station, bus station, Khon Kaen City,Tesco Lotus Khon Kkaen, etc.


What are the requirements of renting a car in Thailand?
1. Passports
2. International Driving License or Driving license translated in English
3. Credit Cards for the deposit when getting a car. If local car companies, cash is acceptable. please see terms and conditions before the booking
4. In some cases, for local companies, air ticket is needed to show when getting a car.
5. In some cases, if you do not have a credit card, some car rental companies allowed to use the debit card as a deposit. you can consult with our customer services prior to the booking process.
What is the excess fee?
Excess Fee is the maximum fee the renter pays in case the Driver is at fault for the accident or accident happened without any parties. If the renter is not at fault, the first class insurance usually covers the accident.
you can buy additional insurance to cover the excesss fee when picking up the car at the airport to eliminate the excess fees

Some of the locar car companies do not have the the additional insurance to add on. Please make sure to check before getting the car.
Do I need to make a deposit for car rental in Thailand?
It is important that you have a credit card to hold for the deposit when getting a car rental as a collateral because the car value itself if high. The deposit amount is ranging from 3,000 THB ($100) to 30,000 THB ($1,000) depending on the car rental types you choose. The bigger the car rental is, the higher of deposit amount is. make sure you read the terms and conditions in the booking voucher too.
Some local car companies allow you to deposit as cash. please make sure you filter deposit as cash prior to the booking.
How much for monthly car rental in khon kaen?
You can check the best price from the website and the monthly car rental in khon kaen ranging from ecocar to large cars up to the Van. the more you rent, the cheaper price of car rental will be. the car rental price you see is what you pay. there is no strange price.
Want to consult with us regarding monthly car rental in Khon Kaen?
If you would like to ask more regarding the car rental or car rental with driver, call us +6680-549-5491 or add Line ID @rentconnected Or email us at at any time.
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