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The list of best places to visit in Trang Thailand

Hat Chao Mai National Park

Hat Chao Mai National Park

Morakot Cave / Emerald Cave

Morakot Cave / Emerald Cave

“Hat Chao Mai National Park” Hat Chao Mai National Park is a marine national park located in the Sikao and Kantang districts of Trang province. It has land area of 89.14 square meters and sea area of 137 square meters with so many coral reefs. The park covers mangrove forests inside up to the top of the mountains and many forested islands such as Koh Muk, Koh Kradan, Koh Wan, Koh Chueak, Koh Pling, Koh Chao Mai and Koh Meng. These areas are rich in evergreen forest, mangrove forest, beach forest and limestone forest.

“Morakot Cave / Emerald Cave” Emerald Cave is a cave located on the west coast of Koh Muk Island, - The paradise island of Koh Muk and emerald cave are part of the Trang Provence, Southern Thailand. The cave has a narrow 20m long tunnel. The cave can be entered either by swimming or by using a kayak.

If you're flying into Trang for a short break or a longer stay, you can take the stress out of your journey by renting a car. With so many monthly car rental companies to choose from, Rent Connected makes it easy to find the best Monthly Trang Car Rental. Simply select the dates and we'll show you all the available cars. You don't need to rely on public transport to and from Trang, instead you can step off the plane and drive straight to your destination by renting a car from Trang Airport.

Monthly Car Rental Companies in Trang City

Interesting places to see in Trang Rent Connected combines monthly car rentals from different car rental companies ranging from eco-cars, small cars, medium cars, large cars, pickup trucks, SUV cars, van. We make it easier for you to book monthly car rentals from the leading car rental companies inTrang Airport such as Thai Rent A Car, Hertz, Thrifty and Budget Car and Truck Rental as well as local car companies like Richway Service Group and Xphuket Car Rental

Pick Up location for car rental at Trang Airport

Apart from pick up location for car rental at Trang Airport, there are other locations such as railway train station.


Do I need to make a deposit for car rental in Thailand?
It is important that you have a credit card to hold for the deposit when getting a car rental as a collateral because the car value itself if high. The deposit amount is ranging from 3,000 THB ($100) to 30,000 THB ($1,000) depending on the car rental types you choose. The bigger the car rental is, the higher of deposit amount is. make sure you read the terms and conditions in the booking voucher too.
Some local car companies allow you to deposit as cash. please make sure you filter deposit as cash prior to the booking.
How much for monthly car rental in trang?
You can check the best price from the website and the monthly car rental in trang ranging from ecocar to large cars up to the Van. the more you rent, the cheaper price of car rental will be. the car rental price you see is what you pay. there is no strange price.
Want to consult with us regarding monthly car rental in Trang?
If you would like to ask more regarding the car rental or car rental with driver, call us +6680-549-5491 or add Line ID @rentconnected Or email us at at any time.
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