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The list of best places to visit in Yamagata Japan

Tamasudare no Taki waterfall yamagata

Tamasudare no Taki waterfall yamagata, Japan

Tamasudare no Taki waterfall yamagata

Tamasudare no Taki waterfall yamagata, Japan

“Tamasudare-no-Taki waterfall yamagata” Legend has it that about 1,200 years ago Kobo-daishi discovered this waterfall which is the only plunge one in Yamagata Prefecture. The waterfall is surrounded by huge Japanese cedars and the air is filled with negative ions. During the cold months, it turns into a frozen waterfall.


Yamagata, a prefecture on Japan's Honshu Island, is known for mountains, hot springs and temples. Snow-covered conifers famously resembling "snow monsters" mark its Mt. Zao ski resort area, which is also the site of hot springs and hiking trails around color-shifting Okama Crater Lake. The capital, also called Yamagata, is home to the hillside Yamadera Buddhist complex, centered on 9th-century Risshaku-ji Temple.

Rental Companies in Yamagata Japan

We are the gateway to your aspirations. If you would like to rent a car in yamagata Airport, Japan with Rent Connected combines car rentals from different car rental companies ranging from eco-cars, small cars, medium cars, large cars, luxury cars, SUV cars, premium cars. We make it easier for you to book car rentals from the leading car rental companies in yamagata Airport such as Nippon Rent A Car.


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What are the requirements of renting a car in Japan?
1. A Passport
2. International Driving License (IDP)
3. Credit Cards for the deposit when getting a car
Can I reserve a car rental for someone else in Japan?
Yes you can. when reserving a car rental in Japan like renting in Osaka, Narita and Fukuoka, please fill in the other people's information in the "Book for someone else" section.
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